Victory at Hyperfest RallySprint

Wow what a weekend!  This year we were finally able to get out to Hyperfest as a rally team and give folks ride-alongs. Just last year, we were getting ride-alongs from many of the same rally drivers that we were now driving with. We spent all day getting the evo sideways, drifting our rear bumper straight off the car!

I believe the total number of rally rides given was OVER 9000! Thanks to all the teams, organizers, for making the ride-alongs possible. Thanks to all the Hyperfest attendees that showed up for rally ride-alongs and lined up for a ride in our evo!

The second day was the Hyperfest RallySprint, a NASA Atlantic Rally Championship event. After our 2nd to last run, Charlie and Jeannie Sherrill were just 2 seconds ahead of us. We decided to go for it on our last run. Amber and I gave the rally evo all she had, jumping things that weren’t meant to be jumped, throwing the car into corners full-blown-sideways. We grabbed fourth gear at 90-95mph in a normally 3rd gear straight. Everything just clicked together, and we were able to knock 14 seconds off our fastest time, taking the overall win.


Thanks to the entire Black Box rally crew; Mike, William, Cat, and Billy. They spent a lot of time getting the car ready and setup for this event. At the event, they made sure the car was in tip-top shape for us so that we could concentrate on doing our job.

If you have any picture/video from hyperfest, do send them our way; alvin at blackboxrally dot com or

Looking forward to next weekend’s Rally NY RallySprint!


Alvin Fong

~ by alvin on June 18, 2012.

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  1. Awesome! Congrats on the win.

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