Rally NY USA 2012 Highlights

May 8th, 2012 by

Billy  helped put together this sweet highlight reel of us at Rally NY USA 2012!


We caught up with Amber after the event, and this is what she had to say:

“Still feeling a bit overwhelmed by the entire Rally New York adventure.  It was an experience to finally be on the other side after being a spectator for many years.  Met a lot of wonderful people and am simply amazed at how friendly and helpful everyone is.  It’s an honor to finally be a part of the rally community.

See you all at the next event!”

Black Box rally evo SS6 Big Jump

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Rally New York USA 2012 recap!

April 24th, 2012 by

Photo credit: Matthew Landers <mlanders.com>

Today, I’m happy to announce that Black Box rally team secured 1st in Production AWD class and 4th overall, out of the 26 starters at Rally New York USA 2012! This was our teams’ first tarmac event, and Co-Driver Amber Stacy’s first rally ever.

To quote a rally slogan, these were “Real Cars, Real Roads, Really friggin’ Fast!”. It was not uncommon to see triple digit speeds throughout this entire rally, and these were on street roads! I really want to thank the folks that live in Rock Hill, Thompson, and Monticello that allowed us to race through their roads…particularly i want to thank the family who’s front yard i stepped into after  I cut a 2 right too early:

Photo credit: Dominik Pelc <dominik.pelc90@gmail.com>

This was an awesome tarmac rally. We pushed hard throughout the event. Even though we’re down on power in production(stock) class, we were able to give the open class teams a run for their money! One stage, I was flat out coming over an unmarked crest and suddenly, all four tires just left the ground. At that point,  I knew we were in for a wild ride. The big hit made it impossible to shut the hood, so Amber finagled a hair tie into keeping the hood down until we got to service.

The start of the second day centered around the Monticello Motor Club. Wow, what privilege to be able to use this exclusive race track. It was quite a sight to see 20+ rally cars lined up at the grid.

It wasn’t until the last 3 stages of the rally that the rain came, and did it come down hard! With much slippery conditions, i felt right at home; kicking the tail out, powering through the turns.

Photo credit: B Machin <billy@blackboxrally.com>

Overall this was a great tarmac rally experience. I still can’t get over the incredible speeds we experienced, and the jumps! We’ll see everyone again at the Rally New York RallySprint!


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Black Box readies for Rally NY USA 2012

April 11th, 2012 by

Black Box rally team has been prepping for their first tarmac rally event; Rally NY USA 2012, taking place April 21-22, 2012. Here’s a look at what really goes on at the BBrt facility – “The team has been hard at work retrofitting our Evo with TARMAC RALLY technology.
First, Billy has prototyped a new racing shoe made completely out of lead, while Mike has been fine-tuning the new vortex generator on our evo to allow us to steer while airborne. We feel these kind of technologies will give us an edge over some of the other racing teams.

Personally, I’ve been hard at work developing our optimum jump angle actuator. So far, our field testing has proved very valuable producing a wide array of broken parts,” stated driver Alvin Fong .

184_513154227699_4802466_31765679_2434_n_0  imag0163_017347_588319191509_4802466_34175265_1404902_n

New to the team this rally is Co-Driver Amber Stacy. She had this to say “Well… almost all of our training has been exclusively spent in rehearsing the roll-over procedure. I’m not sure what to make of that…”

“After Perce-Neige, we will have to recalibrate to driving straight on roads again. Watch for the Black Box rally evo at Rally New York USA to see our new driving prototypes at work!”

Interested parties can also order our prototypes here.

Rally NY USA is the first round of the 2012 Rally New York Championship. There will be over 100 stage miles including a 20+ mile stage, and Super Specials at the Monticello Motor Club track. New to this rally is the HillClimb & Racing car class, along with the introduction of the Tarmac Rally Championship. The HillClimb & Racing class essentially allows for caged cars racers to run without the need to retrofit their vehicle with rally-specific requirements such as intake restrictors, codriver necessities, or even street legality.

You can find out more information on Rally NY USA 2012 here: