Black Box rally team takes 2nd in New York Rally Championship Production AWD Cup

November 8th, 2011 by

Black Box rally team is proud to announce that the New York Rally Championship year-end points standings have been published. The team secured enough points at International Rally New York 2011 to place 2nd in the Production AWD Cup and 5th overall in the championship, putting them in the company of veteran drivers such as Doyle/Moynihan, Lawless/Brady, and O’Brien/McCabe.

Alvin Fong had this to say: “Wow – this is totally unexpected. It is truly an honor to be ranked this highly in such a competitive championship series. IRNY was a big win for our team – getting a car together, finally getting to SS1, finishing a rally. Placing first in class and taking 2nd in the New York Rally championship – that’s just icing on the cake – job well done for the entire team!”

Billy Machin’s reaction: “Uhh…”.

Highlights from International Rally New York for our fans:


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International Rally New York 2011 Videos

October 31st, 2011 by

Just uploaded a fresh batch of videos from IRNY 2011.

showering the spectators with some love on this turn!:


“sideways, like crazy”:


Day 2 international rally new york. Giving the spectators a nice show into a 90 left :):


Showing off for the spectators, in-car to follow!


Black Box rally team

International Rally New York 2011 Press Release and Media

October 28th, 2011 by

Rally New York put out a press release earlier this week about us :)!

Alvin Fong/Billy Machin (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo) achieved what many can only dream about – placing second in their first national rally. They were 2-3/4 minutes ahead of the more veteran Niall Johnson/Daniela Manago (Subaru Impreza WRX). Those two teams also finished first and second in the Production All Wheel Drive class. Fong’s team, in order to keep him focused on finishing, had not told him where he stood in the rally. He didn’t find out that he was the runner-up until the staff of a checkpoint broke the news just before the end.

We wanted to put together some shots of International Rally New York through the eyes of our crew:

On a Limb had some great action shots of our rally car throughout IRNY:

Kerim Simsek from Thirsty Fish was nice enough to send over his set:

Other photos of us from IRNY 2011 :


Black Box rally team podiums at first stage rally

October 26th, 2011 by

The International Rally New York is known for some of the rougher, narrower, and more unforgiving roads. This year was no different. Out of 17 cars that started, only 9 finished. Black Box rally team’s Alvin Fong and Billy Machin accomplished what some teams could only hope for, not only a podium 1st place finish in Production AWD class, but an Overall 2nd place podium for their first national event.

With 7 Open class AWD entries, the team’s goal was to simply finish the rally. After the first service at day 1, Fong/Machin were in the lead for Production AWD class by just 1 second. On SS4, the team lost functionality of their active center differential, affecting handling through the corners. This turned out to be less of an issue however, as the team widened the gap between the more veteran Niall Johnson/Daniela Manago team to almost 2-3/4 minutes by the end of the rally. In the end the team was a mere 10 seconds from first place finishers Gottlieb/Gager.

“I could not have asked for a more perfect first rally. The car was rock solid thanks to the efforts of PPD Motorsport and our service crew. Our only goal for this rally was to make it to the finish. I’m shocked”, exclaimed Driver Alvin Fong.

Billy Machin had this to say: “Go team”.

At the awards ceremony, the team came home with a total of 10 trophies;

  • IRNY Regional 1 – 1st Production Cup AWD Driver/Co-Driver
  • IRNY Regional 2 – 1st Production Cup AWD Driver/Co-Driver
  • IRNY Regional 2 – 1st Overall Driver/Co-Driver
  • International Rally New York 2011 – 1st Production Cup AWD Driver/Co-Driver
  • International Rally New York 2011 – 2nd Overall Driver/Co-Driver

The Black Box rally team would like to thank all the organizers of IRNY as well as the volunteers that made this rally possible.

You can check out the videos from IRNY here:

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IRNY 2011 day 2 update

October 25th, 2011 by


Just wanted to give y’all another update. We finished! And that’s quite a feat when you consider that only 9 of the 17 cars reached the finishing line. Throughout the rally, i was kept in the dark on what my standings were, so imagine my surprise when i reached the end, and was told we had taken 1st in Production AWD class, and 2nd overall!

I’m still in shock. I’d like to point out that although Billy and I are the faces of the Black Box rally team, none of this would have been possible without our wonderful service crew; Michael Ortega, Catherine Stirbis, Team Coach, William and our engineering lead, Wes Morrill. Without them, we could not have driven the car the way it needed to be driven. A personal thanks is in order for our family and friends who have supported us from the get-go.

We’d like to mention Blaze @ PPD Motorsports for putting together an exceptional build, and Greg @ RKT Motors for helping us at the rally.

Finally, we’d like to express our gratitude to all the organizers, volunteers, and competitors which made this rally an absolute blast for us.

Let us know if you have any pictures/videos of the event by emailing me (alvin at We’re setting up a stash here:

Looking forward to the next rally –


Alvin Fong & Billy Machin
Car #14


Final results:



IRNY 2011 day 1 update

October 22nd, 2011 by

Just got back to the hotel from day 1 of IRNY 2011. Day was intense. Out of 17 cars that started, 8 finished day 1. We are among the 8. Can’t wait for the start of day 2!

Btw, one of the spectators sent me a video:

If you’ve got pictures/videos from the event, drop us a line: alvin at blackboxrally dot com

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Alvin Fong

International Rally New York Press Release

October 22nd, 2011 by

Black Box rally team is excited to announce that they will be premiering at International Rally New York taking place October 22nd-23rd in Narrowsburg, NY.

Alvin Fong (driver) and Billy Machin (co-driver) will pilot their Production AWD class Mitsubishi Evo 9 for the first time through the ~100 miles of narrow, high-speed, gravel roads that IRNY has been known for. This rally is divided over 20 stages and is the final round of the United States Rally Championship.

This will be the Black Box rally team’s  first stage rally event. The team started their rally careers in the Finger Lakes Region Winter Rally Series in 2005, gradually developing their skill over many years. You may recognize members of Black Box rally team from the many regional rallies they’ve volunteered at including Rally America’s Susquehannock Trails Pro Rally and New England Forest Rally, and NASA RallySport’s Rally West Virginia and Black River Stages.

Alvin Fong stated: “I’m really excited to have the opportunity to start at International Rally New York since this is basically a home event for us. PPD Motorsport has done an excellent job putting our car together. Additionally I’d like to thank our support crew –this would not have been possible without their time and unbounded support.”

Billy Machin exclaimed “It’s all completely hopeless. COMPLETELY HOPELESS”.

Look for the Black Box rally evo at International Rally New York, the first Pro Rally event for the team! (


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