Black Box rally secures overall win at Black River Stages

September 20th, 2016 by

Fong/Machin taking flight during the Goose Pond Jump at Black River Stages

Harrisville, NY (Sep, 2016) – Alvin Fong and Billy Machin successfully piloted their production-class stock heavy Mitsubishi Evo to 1st overall this past weekend to take their first national rally win. A mere 8 seconds separated first and second place overall over the 12 hotly contested stages.

Black River Stages was competitive from the onset with the top 3 cars of the rally separated from each other by only 7 seconds until mechanical issues sidelined Coffey/Browne on stage 4, and Wages/Montplaisir on stage 5. From there, the battle was between Fong/Machin and Kuklov/Rosato, whom traded stage times and were on average, only 6 seconds apart until the very end of the rally.

At the end of the event, Fong exclaimed:

“This was an excellent event for our team where we showed what we could be done with with a production based car against some very challenging roads in a variety of conditions. Our goal is always to finish every event we compete in; With an AWD field with mostly open class competitors, I had no expectation that we would be on the podium, so finding out we were in contention overall was icing on the cake.”

In fact, the team had discovered transmission problems only a couple weekends before the event and was forced to complete a swap leading up Black River Stages.

Black Box’s crew chief stated: “With the issues found during testing so close to the event, we didn’t have much time to prepare the car and make it rally ready. But as always, the team overcame those challenges, and put us in a good competition position with minimal mechanical issues during the event.”

Black Box rally team would like to thank all the organizers and volunteers for their tremendous effort to ensure the 2016 running of Black River Stages was a success. The rally team’s next event is Empire State Performance Rally taking place Oct 28-30 in Narrowsburgh, NY. ESPR is the final round of the 2016 NASA RallySport National Championship.

Black Box overcomes challenges to secure 1st AWD Overall at Black River Stages

September 19th, 2012 by

Black River Stages proved to be quite an attrition rally for AWD cars this year. The 2012 running of Black River Stages claimed 4 cars on the very first stage; Peter Malaszuk/Dominik Jozwiak rolled their vehicle, Martin Egan/Jarrah Lankas hit a tree, Eric Wages/Sarah Montplaisir blew their motor, and Steven Czwalga/Steven Czwalga barely made it off stage 1 with rear differential failure.


The rally was also proving difficult for the Black Box rally team, which was plagued by mechanical setbacks and road penalties. A wheel fitment error forced the team to run on 1 set of previously used tires throughout the entire rally.

“We knew going into the rally that BRS would be tough. There was not ample time to test the car, so the first couple stages ended up being the shakedown for the rally car” Driver Alvin Fong said. A shakedown refers to a practice stage that competitors are usually privy to prior to the start of the rally.

Black Box rally team was off pace on day 1, accumulating over 4 minutes of penalties.

“After stage 5, we were pulled over for ‘insufficient tail lamps’, giving us a massive late penalty to the next stage. It was an almost comical series of misfortunes” stated Alvin Fong.

With the penalties, the team was left in 14th overall out of 27 starters. Most teams probably would have thrown in the towel at this point, but Alvin Fong was undeterred, vowing to set the pace on day 2.

And set the pace they did, with 8 stages left of the rally, the team of Alvin Fong/Amber Stacy clawed their way up from 14th overall to 4th overall; taking over 2 minutes back from the AWD leader. This allowed Black Box rally team to secure 1st Overall AWD in their stock heavy class Evo.

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Black Box rally team ready for Black River Stages

September 12th, 2012 by

Black Box rally team is excited to announce that after taking the AWD win at Gorman Ridge Rally in Lebec, CA, they are returning to the “right” coast, to race Black River Stages.

The team of Alvin Fong and Amber Stacy will drive the team’s Production AWD class Mitsubishi Evo 9 through over 250 combined miles of fast forest roads. These challenging roads are divided into 17 stages and is the fourth round of the Atlantic Rally Championship.

Driver Alvin Fong stated: “Black River is a special rally for us because this is actually the event we  intended to start our rally careers at last year. We weren’t able to compete at that event,  so I feel like this year, everything has finally come full circle. I can’t wait to hit the completely bonkers jumps on stages Jayville and Goose Pond!”

For those of you that will be coming to the rally, volunteering is the best way to get involved in rally, and see the rally. More information can be found on

As always, you can find the latest updates on the rally via facebook:

Look for the Black Box evo at Black River Stages!