IRNY 2011 day 2 update


Just wanted to give y’all another update. We finished! And that’s quite a feat when you consider that only 9 of the 17 cars reached the finishing line. Throughout the rally, i was kept in the dark on what my standings were, so imagine my surprise when i reached the end, and was told we had taken 1st in Production AWD class, and 2nd overall!

I’m still in shock. I’d like to point out that although Billy and I are the faces of the Black Box rally team, none of this would have been possible without our wonderful service crew; Michael Ortega, Catherine Stirbis, Team Coach, William and our engineering lead, Wes Morrill. Without them, we could not have driven the car the way it needed to be driven. A personal thanks is in order for our family and friends who have supported us from the get-go.

We’d like to mention Blaze @ PPD Motorsports for putting together an exceptional build, and Greg @ RKT Motors for helping us at the rally.

Finally, we’d like to express our gratitude to all the organizers, volunteers, and competitors which made this rally an absolute blast for us.

Let us know if you have any pictures/videos of the event by emailing me (alvin at We’re setting up a stash here:

Looking forward to the next rally –


Alvin Fong & Billy Machin
Car #14


Final results:



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