Black Box rally team podiums at first stage rally

The International Rally New York is known for some of the rougher, narrower, and more unforgiving roads. This year was no different. Out of 17 cars that started, only 9 finished. Black Box rally team’s Alvin Fong and Billy Machin accomplished what some teams could only hope for, not only a podium 1st place finish in Production AWD class, but an Overall 2nd place podium for their first national event.

With 7 Open class AWD entries, the team’s goal was to simply finish the rally. After the first service at day 1, Fong/Machin were in the lead for Production AWD class by just 1 second. On SS4, the team lost functionality of their active center differential, affecting handling through the corners. This turned out to be less of an issue however, as the team widened the gap between the more veteran Niall Johnson/Daniela Manago team to almost 2-3/4 minutes by the end of the rally. In the end the team was a mere 10 seconds from first place finishers Gottlieb/Gager.

“I could not have asked for a more perfect first rally. The car was rock solid thanks to the efforts of PPD Motorsport and our service crew. Our only goal for this rally was to make it to the finish. I’m shocked”, exclaimed Driver Alvin Fong.

Billy Machin had this to say: “Go team”.

At the awards ceremony, the team came home with a total of 10 trophies;

  • IRNY Regional 1 – 1st Production Cup AWD Driver/Co-Driver
  • IRNY Regional 2 – 1st Production Cup AWD Driver/Co-Driver
  • IRNY Regional 2 – 1st Overall Driver/Co-Driver
  • International Rally New York 2011 – 1st Production Cup AWD Driver/Co-Driver
  • International Rally New York 2011 – 2nd Overall Driver/Co-Driver

The Black Box rally team would like to thank all the organizers of IRNY as well as the volunteers that made this rally possible.

You can check out the videos from IRNY here:

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