Black Box rally team finishes 1st in AWD at 2012 Gorman Ridge rally

Just a small update until i get a chance to do a full write-up later this week. We did it. With Laengworks Racing's help, we finished 1st in Production AWD class and 3rd overall. It was a great start for our first west coast rally. This was a fantastically organized rally; the live updates/media updates were a real treat. Special thanks to all the volunteers that worked the event. Thanks to all the Gorman competitors for welcoming us and helping us feel at home 🙂 We have some nice pictures from the event; As a teaser - wide-open desert roads, awesome; Powerline/Wheatfield; holy jumps batman, and carving up mountain passes where a mistake meant rolling down the side of a cliff Pike's Peak style?! Wow!
[youtube_video][/youtube_video] An example of what did not happen at Gorman Ridge rally.

~ by alvin on August 28, 2012.

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  1. Hey dude..good drivin at gorman.i drove gray sti and id like to get copy of pics of champaign spray and all us holding up bottles if possible

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