About Us

Black Box rally team.


Alvin Fong – Driver
Billy Machin – Media guru
Wes Morrill – Lead Engineer
Mike Ortega – Lead Mechanic
Cat Stirbis – Mechanic
William – Driving Instructor


Marra Estep
Billy Machin
Amber Stacy


2014 Winter Wellsboro – 1st Overall
2013 Sherwood Forest Regional Rally – 1st Overall
2013 Empire State Performance Rally – Highest placed stock car
2012 United States Rally Championship – Production AWD Cup Champion
2012 United States Rally Championship – 2nd Overall
2012 New York Rally Championship – Production AWD Cup Champion
Prescott Rally 2012 – 1st Production AWD, 3rd Overall
Black River Stages 2012 – 1st Overall AWD
Gorman Ridge Rally 2012 – 1st Overall AWD, 3rd Overall
Hyperfest RallySprint 2012, 1st Overall
Rally NY USA 2012 – 1st Production AWD Cup
2011 New York Rally Championship – 2nd Production AWD Cup
International Rally New York 2011 – 1st Production AWD, 2nd Overall

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